Jesus Listenes to Black Metal!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sounds like a stupid statement....bit of an oxymoron some might say, but is it true?

I men i totally believe it! I believe Jesus loves black metal the same way he loves, switchfoot, chris tomlin, delirous, third day and casting crowns!

Not just Black mwetal but all forms of matal have such a bad rap and have been labeled "devils music" simply because they are not "easy on the ear" its all goes back to the redicelous steriotype of angels sitting on pretty fluffy white clouds playing thier golden harps, watching bugs bunny float up every so often! RUBBISH!

Who says angels dont weild thier flying vs and keep one foot on the amp with white smpandex and a ripped slayer t-shirt on?

now iam not blaspheming or poking fun in any way of peoples perceptions or intend to scuew peoples beliefs or images in thier mind, just simply as you to think a little!

I sometimes connect more to lyrics from metal music than that of worship songs....

"seize the day or die regreting the time you lost,
Its empty and cold without here,
Trials of life, questions of us existing here,
dont wana die alone without you there"

(Avenged Sevenfold : "Seize the day")

"Can we still be saved?
Does your god hold a place for us,
is there time to repent?
will we rise from the dead?
can these sins even be forgiven?
is there still hope for us?
where we ever even alive?
is any of this real?

(Lamn of God : "blacken the cursed sun")

If god created beauty, creativity and music as a release of emotion for us how dare people point a finger at what god favouers and dislikes about his own creations!