Jesus listenes to Black metal (PT2)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ok so my last post got me thinking ......more than hurt....

I was thinking of prophetic lyrics in "secular" music (hate the term)

ok i know this isint metal but snow patroll sing

"its so clear now that you are all that i have, ive no fear now for you are all that i have"

I remember Snow patroll playing in Ward park Bangor and when they sang that part i strongly felt the presence of god! thousands of people with hands held high into a sea of fellow worshipers, given they were worshiping the band and not god but imigane that! ten thousand people at a festival hands out stretched eyes closed singing at the top of thier voices! I remember thinking THIS IS WHAT CHURCH SHOULD BE!!!

I also was stricked with the openness of people within a festival setting!