Is this worship?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

"Its so clear now that you are all that i have" - Snow Patrol

"Am i too lost to be saved? am i too lost? My God, My Tourniquet, Return to me salvation." - Evinesence

"So let mercy come, and wash away, What ive done" - Linkin Park

'Love for the fallen, truly amazing, heal broken hearted, truly amazing" - P.O.D

Is a song more "holy" when written by a christian?

Is a song more passionate when written about Gods love....or when written crying out for love?

Love is.........Excitment, joy, warm, hopefull, solid, great, passionate, "patient and kind"....we all know 1 corinthians 13:4....

but love is also......Jelious, Fearfull, cold, heartbreak, loss, damaged, lacking, lonely and desired!!!

Think about this......

Art is bron from emotion not mass production or targets....

Emotion is born from expierence!
Lonliness and dissapointment are born from desire!

Therefor songs, true songs are emotionally written because of a desire for love!

We all desire love, Christian, hundu, muslim, budist, athiest...whatever! we all desire love!
So to say that if a song is written by a non christian then it can not be a worship/praise/redemption song is ridiculous!!!

For those of you who say this is not worship......

Wherever you are in your walk of faith you never get past the need to cry out for help, forgivness,!

To cry out is trust,
To trust in God is love,
To lve God is worship!

"Because of love, i feel nothing,
Lack of love, i feel nothing" - Skunk Anansie

By Any Means

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I havent updated for a while!

I have just finished watching "by any means" with charlie borman!

Such a great show! he starts in his hometiwn of ireland and makes his way to sydney australia by using over 110 different modes of trransport!

So inspiring!

Made me think about adventure, stepping out into the unknown!
Also made me think about life, love and God!

If God can create the universe, earth, life, humans, me.....

When he was creating the blueprints for our lives did he plan us to spend 40 hour weeks in office cubicles? 5,6 maybe 7 mornings a week where getting out of bed is a depressing thought? We have to make it alone?
Or when seeing friends and family is a chore?
Relationships and love is hard work?

I have a good friend who has only ever been in love once, i will not name names, but he loved her like mad!, "he" would have (and still would) Doanything for the Girl!

But there was a communication barrier, she never opened up to him emotinally, never relied on him or never really trusted him!

It broke him to pieces I truly believe that had that barrier had not been there or been worked on they would be engaged or married by now!!

WE should live within the life God has willed for us!!

But this is the same situation all over the world!
God wants us to LIVE AND LOVE!!

To love IS to live!

If people trust, open up, and relied on God and accepted that amazing, unconditional, un desirved, passionate , neverending and un-comprahendable love then...and ONLY then can they trully expierence life!

ROMANS 10:11->13
As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.”[e] 12 For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, 13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”[f]

Power of Prayer

Thursday, 3 March 2011

This video always inspires me, the track in the background, the words, the idea and the challenge. I love how the video as it goes on paint over paint over paper over words over paint. it is all built up and built upon as the video progresses. A true example that everything should be based on Prayer! It should be the foundation to every decision.

Tabula rasa

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

tab·u·la ra·sa 

1. The mind before it receives the impressions gained from experience.

2. A need or an opportunity to start from the beginning.
(Fresh Start)
To all my close friends, you already know and starting by thanking you for all your support does not do any justice to gratitude i feel! For everyone else, i am sure you are all aware of heartache, loss and love.

This is not a selp pitying, depressing and lethargic description of events past but a realisation of behaviour and therefore a discovery of True Love!

Now I'm sure i have lost the majority of my Male readers already, they have turned of assuming im about to talk pride and prejudice, Hallmark and "Comercial love" and lucrative business and money making machine!

The Love im speaking of surpasses in depth, honesty and genuineness! 

Have you ever felt that feeling of despair, uselessness, or feeling unwanted or unappreciated in a relationship?
There is nothing worse, your confidence withers, heart breaks, self worth shrinks and all round feels crap!

We have all been there. being left out of decisions, feeling unneeded. It begged the question, how does God feel when we do that to him.

All he wants is to be loved by us, be praised and thanked, confided in, trusted, wants to help, wants to support and most of all wants to be part of our lives!

Why do we put him aside and use him like a resource, only tapping into him when we need something.

I have the picture of a house on a quiet road, old shack with wooden portch and wooden door open. Its a house everyone walks past all the time, there is an old man standing in the doorway, old overalls, beard, old shirt, old boots, wrinkled skin, weathered hands. Everytime someone walks towards the house he walks forward and is about to speak with arms open only to have the person avert their eyes to the ground and pretend they didn't see anything and walk on past, the man steps back again with hands at his side waiting for the next one hoping someone will accept the embrace and engage in conversation and accept the love he is offereing. Day after day the same thing happens people walking past, in a rush, pretending to be on their phones, He waits, not dejected, not hurt, not angry, not dissapointed but full of hope, excited almost.

I wake and wish i could run up to that house and embrace the old dude with excitment and talk, reminisce, dream and laugh for the rest of that day. 

God waits on us, patiently, open armed and open palmed. Why would we not want that love, that friendship with the one person/entity that truly knows the real us, under our veils, masks and disguises!

Much Love

My prayer (Part 2)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dear heavenly father,

Thank you for your great sacrifice, Thank you that through the breaking of the body and the spilling of his blood that we can be forgiven, saved and able to speak now to you.
Lord we thank you for our blessings, and ask that you put situations in our way, where we have opportunities to be generous and show your love to others.
Lord Give us inspiration for meals, Lord place those that we can help into our minds now lord! Reveal to us who we can invite over for dinner or meet out for lunch, reveal them in our dreams and our thoughts!

Holy Father we do not deserve your love and forgiveness…… but we get it from you regardless!
We are eternally grateful and thank you with every last fibre in our hearts that we can know you.
AS we breathe you in this morning lord help us to breath you out during the week.

In Jesus name

My Prayer (part 1)

Heavenly father, as we pray to you today and live our lives as worship,
help us to remember that we can worship you every day by following your sons example!
Let us worship you father through our daily grind!
Let us worship you by showing your love through our  outward actions,
Let us invite the undesirables to our houses, let us eat with the exiles lord!

But father God; help us to remember that you created us all in your likeness lord, the likness of your heart in ours! Give us opportunity this week lord to show it!

We know that everyone has purpose!

Thank you lord for revealing our purpose to us! To love others as Christ loved them and to outstretch our arms in embrace in your name!

IN Jesus powerful name



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ok so my last post got me thinking ......more than hurt....

I was thinking of prophetic lyrics in "secular" music (hate the term)

ok i know this isint metal but snow patroll sing

"its so clear now that you are all that i have, ive no fear now for you are all that i have"

I remember Snow patroll playing in Ward park Bangor and when they sang that part i strongly felt the presence of god! thousands of people with hands held high into a sea of fellow worshipers, given they were worshiping the band and not god but imigane that! ten thousand people at a festival hands out stretched eyes closed singing at the top of thier voices! I remember thinking THIS IS WHAT CHURCH SHOULD BE!!!

I also was stricked with the openness of people within a festival setting!

Made me thinkages ago i posted this and after a little research i totally got sidetracked and never followed it through...Maybe now is the time...Your at a masive music festival, 100,000 people, constant music, everyone laughing, singing, crying, shouting. Drink is cheap, drugs are plenty, sex is easy, bands are awesome! The festival is 24 hours, 5 days long, campsites are packed and loud!

Now youve lost your friends, cant remember where the tent is, left you phone in your bag at the tent. People everywhere, youve had loads to drink, taken a few hits, your looking for that "spiritual expierence" thats why your here, but all your finding is emptiness and a headache. no substance. You are totally surrounded by people, your fully alone.

So where can you go to escape? to relax? to re-charge? to talk to people who actually want to listen and not just waiting for thier turn to talk. (we all do it)
This place is where you can un-load and even be left alone, but because of YOUR choosing. This is wheere you can meet Jesus.
Somewhere you can talk to him. Talk about anything and everything. This is a prayer room, a retreat, a help center for the soul (cheezy i know) it can be a tent, a caravan (hint, you know who) a trailer or a tee-pee!

Now imigne this tent traveles to festivals and events. A place for people to met jesus where they are at, not feel judged or out of thier comfort zone. Simply met Jesus. Escape.

Im asking for some help, anyone knows anything about getting this vision started or wants to be involved in any way please e-mail me at