What happened to real the christmas?

Monday, 8 December 2008

OK i have not [posted in ages! this feels wrong, but oooh so right!

so ive been thinking about christmas.....to be honest looking at the normal nativity scene boores me, it looks fake, i dont believe it, there is NO WAY it happened like that. so ive been doin a bit of research...

so here are a few questions for you....

Where was jesus born? - Bethlehem right?
Why was he born there? - Because Joseph had to go to be taxed because he was of the house and linieage of david correct?

heres a thought... Bethelhem was FULL of joseph family and relatives and friends but STILL there was no room for him? thats pretty sick huh??

ok so how did mary and joseph get to bethlehem? - on a donkey huh? WRONG

NOWHERE does it say they rod ein on a donkey. hell, they had to sacrafice a dove because they couldent afford a lamn, so never mind a donkey!! Maybe they borrowed one?

ok anoither one. How many animals were present at the birth? maybe a few goats? sheep? a cow? some ducks? a pig? NO!!

lets think about it, REALLY think about it? Jesus was born in a manjer right? so why the flip were animals not eating out of it? so most likely there were no animals ther, then again if there were no animals there then what condition was the manger in?? so Jesus was born in a crappy, smelly, rotten crib witch the farmer wouldent even let his goats eat out of?

and what was he wraped in? swadeling cloth yea? you know what that was used for? MUMMIES...wrapping dead bodies that right, Gods son was born in a crappy stinkin crib and wraped in dead man cloth........very holy yea

Who were the first people to visit him? Shepards right? correct, stinking, cold, wet, smelly, un-educated, coruce and dangerous men. people who sleep under trees and spend all day with sheep....really company for a king!

Here is a good one for you....how many wise men where there?.....3? no

Nowhere in the bible does it say there were 3.....most likely thee were loads of them!! they traveled in communities not groups of 3.,..hmm what kind of a star did they follow?

Also when did they come? what age was Jesus? , just born? arrived a few moments after shepards?...WRONG! Jesus would have been at least 6 months by then..Herod was a little desperate when he heard the news. so made a rough guess on how long it would have taken news to get to him, for him to sent the order then for it to be carried out so he estamadted Jesus was under 2 years old and ordered all 2 year olds and under to be killed.......SICK!!!

HMm so the little plastic nativity outside your local church seems a little false now too? Jesus's life was no fairy tale. he suffered from the word go for us, people who dont desirve it, people who pick and choose what part of the stories we want to hear. leave out the real things, it mat offend us. He was a hero and thats sometimes forgotten, heroes now are judged on thier heroic acts, freeing people, fighting the power, saving lives, JESUS DID IT ALL! Man we gota sort it out, give him the respect he is due!!!

think about it.