Vision #1

Monday, 29 December 2008

I think its about time i shared a few of my visions with you, maybe thay may inspire you, or you may know of something similar, either way please feel free to let me know!

First things first i Believe in prayer, a statement, baisic and true.
I believe in talking to God, I believe i can talk about anything. I can talk about fears, dreams, my day, my food, my worries, drinks, friends and my mood.
My taste in music, women, books, opinions.
I could be lost at sea, lost in space or the amazon and i would not be alone. I like silence and i like solitude but i LOVE crowds and people but for some people that can be the most lonley place imiginable. The big question is how do we bring jesus into that. i know he is already everywhere, but as ambasadors of christ its our mission to do so.

So imigne this......

Your at a masive music festival, 100,000 people, constant music, everyone laughing, singing, crying, shouting. Drink is cheap, drugs are plenty, sex is easy, bands are awesome! The festival is 24 hours, 5 days long, campsites are packed and loud!

Now youve lost your friends, cant remember where the tent is, left you phone in your bag at the tent. People everywhere, youve had loads to drink, taken a few hits, your looking for that "spiritual expierence" thats why your here, but all your finding is emptiness and a headache. no substance. You are totally surrounded by people, your fully alone.

So where can you go to escape? to relax? to re-charge? to talk to people who actually want to listen and not just waiting for thier turn to talk. (we all do it)
This place is where you can un-load and even be left alone, but because of YOUR choosing. This is wheere you can meet Jesus.
Somewhere you can talk to him. Talk about anything and everything. This is a prayer room, a retreat, a help center for the soul (cheezy i know) it can be a tent, a caravan (hint, you know who) a trailer or a tee-pee!

Now imigne this tent traveles to festivals and events. A place for people to met jesus where they are at, not feel judged or out of thier comfort zone. Simply met Jesus. Escape.

I dont mean to preach but we are called to do this! be a light in a dark place, a city on a hill. A little taste of heaven in an otherwise un-caring lonely setting.

I know this seems like "why are you telling me this" The truth is i feel as called to this as i was over a year ago sitting outside cafe mambo in ibiza. surrounded by lost and lonely people, almost feeling a little alone myself. This may be one of my dreams but im telling you folks this because we are of a BODY OF CHRIST! An arm can not function on its own, it needs, blood, heart, lungs and a brain (yes i know i only posess 3 of the 4 sometimes) So like an arm or any limb this needs support simply in the form of advice and ideas. So many of you do such great work already, that imspires me and has given my this drive, and for that i thank you. This is not a "chris mahood thing" its a "being jesus' hands and feet thing" bringing mission to the ever expanding frontier.

PLease think and pray about this.