Angels and angles

Thursday, 17 July 2008

ok its about time i blogged again, aint done it since i got home from ibiza.

Ive been thinking a lot about angels lately. Who are they, what do tey do, are they seprate beings we cant se? or do they walk among us. Are we selected at times to be an angel, to protect or help someone else, to be their angel?

I am really missing the white island of Ibiza, not for the partying but for the work of God! I feel that God wants me there, he has things planned for me i know, i know he has a plan for me ther too! I am feeling guilty too, selfish, choosing a job, money a car and a soon to be apartment over God. when you are here these things seem so important, things we feel we need, but when you are out of your comfort zone your realise how trivial things like that are. Gods love and Christs body is all weshould be concerned about.

God help me see the path, light it, maybe someone will direct me? Maybe an Angel will lead me?