Prayer requests!

Friday, 6 June 2008

When i started this post my initial idea was to list a bunch of things for some people to pray about but as i started some questions came to mind.

like....does God change his mind?
Does prayer chane what god has planned?
I realised that i spent so long thinking about these questions i ended up not praying at all!

Thats the way of it though isint it? THe more questions we ask, the more we want to undestand then we will be so busy asking questions to ourselves we will never ask questions to god or pray at all!

I dont even think we have to fully understand prayer at ull to pray, just as we dont have to understand art to paint something you like or feel!

The only important thing however is that we pray.... full stop!

God ants us to pray, to talk to him, to confide in him, find shelter in him, have a frend in him, love him, tell him your secrets, your desires, your hopes, dreames and fears! EVERYTHING! keep him in everything you do, worshiop by working well, playing fairly, enjoying peoples company, keep him in the conversation, the friendships, model his word and act out his wishes!

I am praying for............ friendships on the island, relationships, conversations, opertunitys and peace!

I would apprecieate it greatly if you could pray the above fo rthe people in San An, the workers and the team here!