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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Again i have been trying to work out the difference between "listening" to God and actually "hearing" from God!

Last night i Heard from God! Let me tell you the story....

I left the prayer room feeling really tired, not very excited not really very inspired.
I was with Amanda (one of the American team...thank God for her and Red bull) We prayed God would lead us to the dark places! Let our light shine etc! So as we walked we walked past a group of Prostitutes. WE said Hello but there was only glances and looks back. It is something the 24/7 team has been praying about for so long! Never been sure how to approach the situation! So as we walked past i HEARD from god, liker a voice at the back of my head saying "Chris, stop being a wimp, stop walking around & over the things i have put in your path" So i said to Amanda we gotta go and just sit with those girls, so we walked back and just sat on the bench beside them as they spoke to each other in Nigerian. I was a little nervous, not feeling well, not confident.....just not myself really. I was thinking about Jesus, what would he do in this situation? I was asking him for his strength, his wisdom, his confidence! Suddenly out of my control i turned to them..

"excuse me....can i talk to you guys for a while?"

That was it! door opened, they gathered round all smiles and wonder, i told them about who we are what we did and asked about them, where they are from,their names, and had the opportunity to be truthfully and just tell them they are beautiful! there are!

I asked them what they wanted prayer for?

"love, good lives, happiness" It broke my heart because as they said than one of the other girls came out of a photo booth followed by a man pulling up his zip. She then came over and introduced herself, we prayed together! iPrayed that no matter what happens in their lives they know God is their father, their lover, their best friend! It was truly God last night! There is too much to type about here.....i will leave it at that!

God is amazing!

I love How he works!

His design is Un-fathomable!


Dave Carrol said...

Dude that is a great story.