like a Heroin addiction to God

Monday, 23 June 2008

Ive been reading Nikki Sixx's book "the heroine Diries" IT is an account of a year in Niki's life from 1986 - 87, He has written an entry nearly every day and week about his time when he was writing the "Girls Girls Girls" album and touring to promote it! He was both ON and off heroine wen he wrote it. I love Motley crue, its kina what i wanted to be before i became a christian (in ways it still is, but without the drugs, death, endless sex with random women (endless sex is ok, just not random women, and married)

Also makes me thing about addiction, to drugs, to GOd. In ways its similar....

Junkies believe they "need" drugs
WE DO "need" God

JUnkies will o anything to get drugs...
WE should drop everything and do what God wants us to do...

Brian Said something that REALLY struck me yesterday at team time...

He said "this is our only time to evangalise and witness" WHen we are in heaven we cant do it can we?

Any way It showed to me the importance of keeping a diary, writing things down, using it as your best friend, speaking to it, reading it back.

Its like this not sure if anyone reads this or may act as an online diary, i dono!

Its my last week here in Ibiza, Im on a bit of a downer! God uses me here, a lot, i feel it. Im not saying he uses me ONLY her, i think its because im out of my comfort zone! Its great, comfort zones are dangerous!

They are like a secret little room that only YOU are allowed in, how can you affect anyone if you are alone?

Is it easier to talk to someone you feel completly comfertable with and know everything about? can you open up about god to them? or is it easier to evangalise and witness to someone youve only met?

For me......they are seprate and should never be put into pigeon holes like "this is when you should witness" and this is who you should evangalise to......

For me i think that some people just dont wana know.......and by preaching and evangalising they will be turned off even more! This is a time to witness, by your actions, your activities, your language, you views, your behaviour....Im gona pr\ay more on this, think more about it and get back to you soon!