Taking a month out!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Today i arrived back to the white isle! Otherwise known as ibiza.

I dont know what it is about this place. It does not feel like i am new here, in fact it doesent really feel like ive been away.

Today i am simply getting settled in, chilling out, relaxing, blogging!
Sitting outside in the sun wit the laptop on my ....um lap.....listening to a bit of dave matthews band (my new favourate love)

They are an amazing band! If there was a style of alternative music i was looking for it is this!
I love discovering new things, forming new friendships (which i did this week and strangly miss them now they are gone......weird i know) Finding new bands, it makes me so excited of the things i still have to learn and find out about! life truly is an adventure. Having one set job or carear is not!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what God has planned for me. He always seems to put situations in my way at the time i need them!
If i feel lonely i get calls and make a decision with who to hang out with.
If i feel depressed or angry at myself someone will tell me how good a job im doing.
If i feel like im never going to find love i get text messages from ex-girlfriends.
If i feel worried about my carear he will drop it into conversation and remind me what a good situation i am actually in!

The thing is he still does this even when im not praying!