Finding Jesus in Ibiza

Saturday, 14 June 2008

last night was "wonderland" an amazing night with Groove armada and Pete tong!

It made me think again about worship. The term "loose yourself" is thrown about so often these days, but it is an understatement to say i lost myself last night. I trully forgot everything else in the world and danced, closed my eyes, danced, laughed, sang, jumped and prayed. a club full of people doing the same (maybe a good selection on drugs, but still) really prophitec! at one point mix-master tong dropped a line "then jesus showed up" This was worship for me, much more than any of this "christians singing for christians" stuf we ALWAYS hear! Music is Music, why label it christian or not, (ok maybe black metal is the music of satan) but its too powerfull to be pigeon-holed, like God, he is more powerfull than just florida, if you know what i mean, if it is a revival, then lets see it break out in churches and CLUBS all over the world!!!

What im really trying to say is that we have the break the devision wall between christian culture and secular culture, how can we trully make a difference in our communitys if we have a devide between them. WE must be a viral efect, a virus breaks down imune systems and affects the whole body!