Entry 333

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Third Entry
Third dAy
Third Month


Great day today!

9-12 = Youthwork at CFC
12-4 = Openhouse coffee company
6-8 = Drum lessons

Three Jobs in one day.

Looking forward to goin back to Ibiza, help the guys over there in any way i can! Pains, clean, move stuff whatever!

Why is 3 important?

THe whale swallowed Jonah for 3 days,
Peter Denied Jesus 3 times,
Jonah3:3 "this time Jonah obayed the Lords command and went no nineveh, it took 3 days to se it all."
When Jesus was on the cross all turned to darkness untill arount 3 o'clock. then he cried out "my God, My God, Why have you abandoned me"

There is something about 3.....I have not sat down with my Bible and gone crazy studying in SO long. Trying to find clues, am i on to something?.............What does God want to show me? Im really enjoying looking for it.


THats what it is......THats it!........Does God simply want to me to get excited and read the Bible like ive never seen it before again?

Maybe thats the point?

Or maybe it the tripple distilled bushmills