My prayer (Part 2)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dear heavenly father,

Thank you for your great sacrifice, Thank you that through the breaking of the body and the spilling of his blood that we can be forgiven, saved and able to speak now to you.
Lord we thank you for our blessings, and ask that you put situations in our way, where we have opportunities to be generous and show your love to others.
Lord Give us inspiration for meals, Lord place those that we can help into our minds now lord! Reveal to us who we can invite over for dinner or meet out for lunch, reveal them in our dreams and our thoughts!

Holy Father we do not deserve your love and forgiveness…… but we get it from you regardless!
We are eternally grateful and thank you with every last fibre in our hearts that we can know you.
AS we breathe you in this morning lord help us to breath you out during the week.

In Jesus name