Start of something NEW

Thursday, 6 March 2008

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OK, this is the start of something new.
Will it last?
Lets see!

I was listening to Casting Crowns first album today.
Something Jumped out at me!

"WE are the body of christ"

Then the question hit.......

If we are the body,
Why arnt his arms reaching,
Why arnt his hands healing,
why arnt his words teaching.

This made me think.
Why am i not doing more?
I run "Live at the Warehouse" one of the best venues in northern ireland for young up and comming bands. WE struggle now and then with numbers and money to keep the event going. What i came to realise though is L@TW is NOT about numbers, or how many people pay at the door! Its about Relationships, Support, Freedom and a Family.

I am a Youth worker, not a stage manager. Sometimes ive seen people distance themselves from thier roles or responsabilities so they dont have to face the real issues.

I need to be a friend to the young people, a role model, a sholder to cry on and someone to give advice. I need to..

Reach out,

If we are the body
Why arnt his feet going
why is his love not showing

Where should i go?
How can i show love?

My feet have started going

Reach the streets is another project i head up.
Its only for 8 weeks but i have to show those young people help, support and love!

This si entry one, heres tomany more!


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